modular curricula – low-residency
two semesters = Certified Program @ 30 ECTS, four semesters = Master of Arts @ 90 ECTS, five semesters = Advanced Master of Arts @ 120 ECTS

Media Arts Histories Module
(+ excursion to Ars Electronica Festival)
Sept 6-17, 2019

LeClerc - L'Académie des sciences et des beaux-arts

“L’Académie des sciences et des beaux-arts” 1698 LeClerc

Archives Module
Dec 2 – 11, 2019

Genres & Media Module
May 4-13, 2020

Excursions and Projects Module
September 21-30, 2020

Internship (MediaAartHistories-Advanced only)
May -Dec 2020 (170 clock hours)

Masters Thesis
Oct 2020 – Nov 2021


Content and Topics

Bio Art
Cyberfeminist Art
Exhibiting and Curating I
Excursion Ars Electronica
Important Media Art Institutions
Machine Art
Market of Media Art / -Management
Media Art Histories I
Preservation of Digital Art
Translocal Practices
Art & Science – History of Science
MediaArtHistories & Media Archaeology
Media Theory and Theory of multimedia-based systems
Social Software
Spaces of interaction and their planning
Theory of perception
Excursion ZKM
Art and Cognition
Digital Art Archiving and Preservation
Exhibiting & Curating II
Excursion regional
Interactivity as paradigm of New Media
Intercultural Media Art
Law and Copyright
Early computers and the birth of digital art
Visualization Strategies
Design & Function of Knowledge Space
Immersion & Emotion
Excursion MAH Conference
Locative Media: Augmented Space
Medial performance, theater und opera